About The Actions of Love

Many of us have very limited ideas on how to express love/charity to the different relationships in our lives, through practical, specific actions. Therefore, we are very limited in practicing actions of love.

This is what this project is all about. We are encouraging you to give us in ___words or less, specific practical ideas on how to express acts of love, mercy and charity to all the various human relationships in your life. These are acts that don’t depend on wealth, ability or intelligence, but simple, practical ideas and acts that can be easily carried out, to reflect Jesus’ love, through our actions.

Your ideas will be published on this Website for other people to use for spreading love around, as well as to write the book “The Actions of Love”, to be published in the summer of 2010, by Foresight Book Publishing. The proceeds of this project will be donated to support non-profit organizations, ministering to the homeless, the hungry and the poor.

We pray that the ideas posted here will create a love and charity revival in our hearts and in our beloved country and the world, as we practice, the actions of love.



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